Consumer Healthcare

As a specialty expert with the aim of providing the people of the region better access to quality health care, TPM is a notch ahead in acquiring, producing and marketing top pharmaceutical brands and facilitating their expansion with fast and sustainable market access, business development, in-licensing, regulatory agenda, sales and marketing support, and more.


Vidimed is charting a course towards a stronger and more sustainable healthcare system that connects with people and delivers better care to patients in every setting. Based in Luxembourg, and with offices in the USA and UAE, Vidimed is an international provider of pharmaceutical and nutritional health care products. We focus on marketing and in-licensing FDA & European approved therapeutics as well as manufacture our own range of medicinal and nutritional products that address the growing need of emerging markets in the MENA region. At Vidimed we inspire health care with trusted and innovative solutions and drive partnerships to improve product access and efficiency throughout the healthcare supply chain in the region. At Vidimed, we combine a unique range of knowledge, skills, and experience with a passion for following the science. Our inspiration for care and cure is more than a business, more than a partner and more than a drug. We aim for a better health for a better you.

Our Brands:

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