Corporate Social Responsibility

For TPM, Corporate Responsibility is an integrated part of the corporate strategy, to create economic, social and environmental value both for the sustainability of the employees and for the communities where we operate. As a ‘responsible company,’ we understand the aspirations and expectations of citizens, our customers, and our employees. We care to ‘make a difference’ and contribute to different societies for the upliftment of humanity.

TPM supports Syrian children refugees in Lebanon

In December 2015, as part of our commitment to provide premium nutrition for infants and toddlers, regardless of their nationality, status and financial means, TPM, reached out to Syrian refugee children in the north Lebanon.

With the motive of providing high quality and safe nutrition to the children, TPM, in association with Al Fadilla Clinic, distributed Humana milk packs and cereals to more than 200 infants and toddlers, under two years of age. Each Child was given an assortment of milk, cereal and tea with a healthy remaining shelf life.