A revolutionary concept for ambitious brands

The key to building successful brands is to venture into opportunistic markets with the strategy to succeed. For global brands seeking inroads into regional markets, trust one of the most prominent companies in the field — TPM — the glorious gateway into one of the most exponentially developing regions – the Middle East and North Africa.

With footprints in all major countries of the MENA region and with a number of brands under our wings, we have the vision, expertise and network to introduce your brand to newer markets and chart a roadmap to success for sustained growth in the region.

Along with long-established names to new innovations – TPM is also an independent producer and marketer of a wide range of high-efficacy, innovative healthcare and consumer products. Committed to creating high-quality products that meet real needs, TPM’s strength lies in its ability to improve and expand its brand portfolio through innovation and optimisation.

Headquartered centrally in Dubai, UAE, and associated with international brands across diverse categories like Baby Healthcare, Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical and Sports Nutrition ranges, we at TPM, know exactly what it takes to make every brand a household name in the region.    


We aspire to provide people, in the region where we operate, with the best-in-class healthcare and consumer products helping them lead a better life. We deliver entrepreneurial success through innovation and high-quality standards.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of our industry in bringing unique products to the people we serve. Our target products are carefully selected to ensure our resources, expertise and energy are focused on the opportunities that can bring benefit to all our partners and our community.

          THE WORK

TPM is a fast growing company dedicated to bridging the market gap in the region. We invest our time and resources in the quest to achieve higher levels of quality execution and quality products in the Middle East.

TPM is a novel concept with a unique business model credited with acquiring, nurturing and producing successful products so that they become category leaders in the region. From product development to packaging, sampling to selling and marketing to merchandising, TPM proactively builds on brand attributes to chart a precise trajectory of growth, unique to each brand.

  • Pioneers of a unique business model of brand representation, TPM is highly regarded as one of the leaders in Baby Healthcare, Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical and Sports Nutrition.
  • Producing and marketing products of brands with potential and committing to nurturing and growing them on a global scale. 
  • Representing brands outside the geographical territories of their origin and giving them the impetus to grow in new markets.
  • Endorsing brands through controlled ownership where the best brands are sourced from selected manufacturers and marketed in the region.
  • Partnering with the best in business, from manufacturers and suppliers to distributors and logistic companies to establish a reliable network for the brand journey.
  • Focusing on performance-driven innovation, going beyond the conventional to devise strategies and frame operational modules in sync with current trends.

What truly sets us apart is as Mark Hunter said, “It’s not about having the right opportunities, it’s about handling the opportunities right.”